Carita House - Still fit 40 years on!
Doesn't time fly when you're successful? It's hard to believe that 40 years have passed since Hazel and Kaj Carstensen set up their business to sell specialist Danish leotards and gym pants by mail order

Operating from a garden shed in 'the back of beyond' Carita House soon became popular with gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts who appreciated the quality, style and the unique 'Carite®' fit which really stood up to the action.

The range, and the fame grew without frontiers. Leading the field in design and innovation, Carita House were the FIRST in the UK with coloured and patterned leotards. Performance meets style at Carita House with new materials including Stretch Cotton and Silkskin, a name coined by Hazel herself, inspired by the way the material fitted like a second skin! Developed by Bayer Dorlastan this is still the softest and stretchiest material available for Gymnasts and fitness people alike.

The Green Goddess - Diana MoranIt was no surprise then that the likes of Olga Korbut and The Green Goddess would only wear Carita House leotards.

Over the years the range has been promoted directly into many organisations, British Gymnastics, Medau, Keep Fit, LHB, Margaret Morris to name but a few.

Carita House is now a truly international affair. Alongside a track record of importing from Denmark, the company now sources some of the finest quality fitness clothing from Italy, Sweden, Germany and America. It's a good job that many of the friendly staff at Carita House are multi-lingual!

The Carita House collection now consists of a bumper issue catalogue containing Carite® Sport Fitness & Leisure clothing, a wide range of Keep Fit & Dance clothing and just about every colour under the sun for Gymnastics outfits. This is issued yearly in September and has become essential reading for customers the world over. If you collect stamps, you've cracked it at Carita, where orders are received from Japan to the Dominican Islands, Russia to the Falklands, Australia, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia and yes, even Nantwich where the company is now based.

Carita House's caring attitude to service and quality has been the backbone of our policy for 37 years. Every customer receives a personal service that is second to none in mail order these days.

Ask any of our thousands of customers why they wear Carita House products and you'll find that it's not just the fit, it's also the fashion. Their European designers never fail to come up with the latest designs, materials and styles that not only look good but they feel good too! Velvet and Cotton are now back in fashion, Sport Rib, Supplex, Rib Velvet and Textured Meryl are some of the latest items that have come through Carita House.

Some of the best looking bodies in Keep Fit, Aerobics, Fitness, Dance, Yoga, Schools and Clubs are all Carita clad. Make sure you are too!

Try one of our products and you'll see for yourself why so many of current Carita House customers will remain so for the next 37 years!

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