The Check Out area of our site is secure
This means that we utilise industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and other critically sensitive information like your credit card details. Information passed between your computer and our Web site cannot be read in the event it is intercepted by someone else.
To verify our SSL credentials double-click on the Padlock icon on the bottom right or right-click on this page to view the security properties.

No personal or financial details are left unencrypted on a remote server, and such details are never sent by internet email.

About the Trusted Commerce Seal
Trusted Commerce is an online indication graphic or "seal of approval" that you, or your company, can place on your website and e-commerce shopping cart to indicate that you are taking steps to secure credit card information.
Displaying the seal provides merchants and service providers with many benefits, including:
Customer Confidence - Instils confidence in customers that their information is safe when doing business with you.
Compliance Validation - The seal is an indicator of PCI compliance to both your customers and your credit card processor or bank.
Marketing Advantage - The Trusted Commerce seal provides an advantage and longer browsing times as compared to sites not using the seal.

Did you know?
The risk of credit card fraud is 100 times greater when you hand your card to the waiter in a restaurant than when you shop on the Internet! Modern day encryption technology, used by many Internet stores similar to ourselves, virtually eliminates credit card fraud on the Internet.

If in the extremely unlikely event that somehow your card is used fraudulently, as a direct result of you providing information over the internet, then you should notify your credit card company immediately. Most credit card companies do offer purchase protection and protection from fraudulent use, and would reimburse you if you suffered any losses so long as you notify them in accordance with their reporting rules and procedures. However, please check with your own credit card company if you are unsure.

Should you still not feel comfortable about ordering online then please order from either our telephone hotline, fax or by post. If you have any questions regarding the security of our site please contact us at the following email address:

Disappearing Padlock
You may notice that the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification padlock does not appear at the bottom of the browser when you enter the Check Out area. This is because we are using frames to aid navigation, however we would like to assure you that the Check Out area is 100% secure.

On a PC this can be verified by right-clicking on this screen and viewing its properties.
On a Mac you should see the blue security bar at the top of the Check Out page.

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